The Top Ten Sounds That Wake You In The Morning

Wake You In The Morning

Tick, Tick, Tick…..It’s Almost Time To Get Up! There is always some kind of sound that wakes you up in the morning. I’ve listed my top ten, and it’s interesting to note that it can change over time!

Here are some different sounds that you probably don’t even notice, even though they are waking you up. I bet you will relate to them, and can probably add a few to the list.

1. The Sound That You Dread

The first on my list is the Alarm Clock. For some time, I worked in a bakery and had to be in by 6:00 A.M.
My alarm was set for 4:30. Besides this being an awful hour to get up, my clock had a horrible buzzing sound to wake me up.

One day, I couldn’t bear to hear that sound one more time. I went right to the store to purchase a nice clock-radio. At least I could wake up to pleasant music, and that made a big difference starting my day!

2. A Crying Baby

This is one you can’t ignore. When my daughters were young, I slept with one ear open. When you hear that little cry, you have to get up, even though it is only 5:00 in the morning!

3. A Barking Dog

I love Dogs, but early morning barking can penetrate your nice sound sleep! I don’t mind a dog barking….he’s just trying to tell you something. But first thing in the morning he will will be waking you up!

4. The Lawnmower

We usually cut the grass on the weekend. We love to keep our grass and garden beautiful. But early in the morning is not the time to do it!

5. Roosters Crow In The Early Morning

I like the sound of roosters, even if the sun is just comming up! Our family spent vacations at Grandma & Grandpas farm in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.There was no indoor plumbing, we used the outhouse, and water was pumped from a well.

We loved every minute of our time there, and one of my fondest memories was waking up to the sound of the Roosters that wondered around the yard and the garden. They would crow early in the morning. and I could just snuggle up in the blankets and listen. I didn’t have to get up.

6. BUGS…… Especially A Mosquito Buzzing Around Your Ear

All bugs can be annoying, but the mosquito tops the list! When I was young, we didn’t have air conditioning. We had the old wooden screen doors that we would bang open and closed.
On hot nights, the windows were wide open with no screens. Mosquitos were just a nuance we put up with!

7. Have You Heard The Garbage Truck In The Morning?

This is a sound I most heard when I lived in a city area. You just can’t ignore the sound of those trucks and garbage cans.

8. Birds Singing In The Morning

Now that I’m retired, I love the chirping and singing of the birds in the morning. There are so many different songs and I enjoy hearing their happy sounds.

9. Noises From The Kitchen

I like to wake up to the faint noises of pots and pans being used in the kitchen. First we hear the clink of dishes and the sounds of pots and pans….yes, a real breakfast on a Sunday morning.

10. Silence Of A Deep Snow

When it’s so quiet in the morning and you hear nothing, it gets your attention. Then you notice the muffled sounds of a car going slowly by, or, the clank of the snowplow in the distance.
You have to get up and look out the window to see how much snow has fallen.

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