Sri Lanka Low Cost Budget Travel Guide

Independent travel is becoming more popular for people who want to produce their own specific travel itinerary and this isn’t just by people who want to go backpacking.

Sri Lanka

Now the war is over in Sri Lanka, tourism is expected to rise significantly over the next view years. Make sure you include Sri Lanka on your travel itinerary before things change forever.

Independent Travel Around Sri Lanka

Making your own travel arrangements to visit Sri Lanka can save you money. Having recently completed by own travels around Sri Lanka I offer some tips on places to visit and my experience of travelling on a low cost budget or backpacking.

Travel Around Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island particularly popular with those wishing to take a relaxed and peaceful vacation or those seeking more adventurous pursuits and has become an upcoming destination for those into surfing and water-sports. The country offers many cultural delights and has a variety of places to visit for those who enjoy wildlife and natural history.

Why stay in a Sri Lanka hotel?

Sri Lanka Train Whilst most imagine Sri Lanka to be a luxury resort, there are still plenty of opportunities for those who travel on a low budget or are on a backpacking vacation or world trip. Yes the main tourist resorts are dominated by expensive hotels catering for those who want relaxation in beautiful surroundings but there are alternatives for those who look.


Private guest houses are available for those wishing to find low cost accommodation in Sri Lanka. Many local residents rent rooms out in their home, or have built small apartments or bungalows in their gardens. The quality and specification of these rooms are very high, with hot water and private modern bathrooms. The cost of staying in such places is a fraction of what a major hotel would charge.

Many of these places don’t have a website or advertise, you can only find them by arriving at the destination and walking round or asking a tuk tuk (taxi) driver to take you to this budget accommodation. It won’t be a problem and they all know where the cheap guest houses are


There are many options for traveling independently around Sri Lanka. You can easily hire a self-drive car or scooter. The roads outside of the main cities are good and not too busy. Alternatively you can hire a car or taxi easily.


There are also some great train journeys to do in Sri Lanka, and they are relatively inexpensive considering the journey from Kandy to Ella is supposed to be one of the most scenic in the world.

However, the cheapest and most exciting way to travel in Sri Lanka is by local bus. Prices are very cheap and bus routes go all over the island, frequently. Buses are very basic with open doors and windows, crammed packed with locals standing in the aisles.

However, if you plan your bus journey properly you can always time your route to travel off-peak and grab a seat. Its a great opportunity to see the countryside and get to know the locals who are incredibly.


The food in Sri Lanka tends to be very spicy, so if you don’t like spicy food you may struggle to eat the cheap local food. However, there is plenty of cheap fresh fruit, breads and cakes available.


As Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by beaches and the sea, seafood and fish are easily available. Little stalls, sell what are called quick eats or short-order dishes of small crabs and prawns.

Available all over the country are savoury pastries stuffed with spicy vegetables or fish.

You can enjoy a cheap Sri Lankan Buffet Lunch which is mainly vegetables and rice with some curried chicken for around 200 rupees.

  • The food is always fresh and you can eat very cheaply here.
  • The price of wine is quite expensive as it has to be imported, so if you like a drink your best having a local beer.

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