Cars with the best Crash Test Scores Safety first

car accidentFor many car buyers, safety is an important consideration along with the looks, fuel efficiency as well as the engine power of their new cars. Car manufacturers have realized the demand from their customers is for better safety features as well as the increasing pressure exerted by the authorities to make vehicles that will provide better crash test results. Using a series of crash test studies, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) was able to recognize some of the safest cars on the road for the year 2013.

They made use of their newly developed crash test tool, “the small overlap frontal crash test” to make these evaluations. Accordingly, it was revealed that many of the popular luxury cars were not up to the mark when it comes to the safety of its passengers during a violent accident.

In an article published in the, experts from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have revealed that they have already used the test on around 29 cars and have so far labeled 13 cars as providing the highest-level crash protection to its passengers. During the test, cars were driven at 40 mph and were crashed into a 5-foot tall rigid barrier. However, only 25% of the front end on the driver’s side would be struck by the pillar, which mimics an actual crash scenario between a tree or a utility pole and a car.

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Among the 29 cars already been tested using the new tool, Acura TL, a midsized entry level luxury sedan, has won the top honors in almost all the crash tests along with the new Honda Accord sedan and the new four door Honda Accord Coupe. The four door Chrysler 200 model also received an ‘acceptable’ score in the new crash test along with the Dodge Avenger. The Ford Fusion, which was redesigned for 2013, has also received an ‘acceptable’ score from the new testing tool while the new Kia Optima and the four door Nissan Altima which was designed for 2013 have also received ‘acceptable’ scores from the new testing tool. The Subaru Legacy model built after 2012 and the Subaru Outback, the station wagon model built after 2012 August, have also received ‘acceptable’ scores from the IIHS for its new testing tool.

However, it should be remembered that all these models gained ‘good’ scores from all the other crash tests that were performed by the IIHS along with many other tested models which fared poorly when it comes to the new ‘small overlap frontal crash test’.

Following the tests, which are still ongoing, the IIHS reportedly have stated that they were happy about the introduction of the new test and the enthusiasm it generated within the industry in order to make the new cars better equipped to safeguard its passengers during a catastrophic car crash.

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